Hotel Rooms

70 spacious, luxurious and well-kept guest rooms equipped with pampering luxury accessories. You can choose from standard rooms, mini suites, spacious and fully equipped luxury suites and additional upgrade options.

Standard Rooms

The standard rooms are spacious and furnished in a modern design, the room can be upgraded with a variety of additional options.


The suite rooms are divided into two spaces, which include a hall with a sitting area and a luxurious bedroom.


Most luxurious suites that include a lounge and a luxurious seating system. Some of the suites have a fully equipped kitchen with everything the guests need, and some of them have two bathrooms with a pampering home jacuzzi. The suites are divided into two bedrooms.



The Complex includes a sitting area, a bathroom with a jacuzzi, two double bedrooms and a children’s room.

Fill in your details, and enjoy a vacation at a level you never knew before!

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