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Aristocrat Hotel in Bnei Brak combines exclusive hospitality of the highest standards with strict Kashrut Mehadrin and a pleasant and relaxed homely atmosphere.

The hotel is located in the beating heart of the city of Torah and Hasidism, near the major Torah centers and Admor courts, and gives its guests the opportunity to enjoy the unique atmosphere that characterizes the city all year round, especially on Shabbat and on Jewish holidays.

The hotel has 70 guest rooms at different levels, from standard rooms to luxurious guest suites, rooms equipped with jacuzzis and other upgrade options.

4 magnificent banquet halls for Simchas and events of all kinds, for hosting Shabbat and conferences, a spacious conference room for meetings, small events, etc.

An adorned and spacious synagogue.

A particularly elaborate meal menu carefully prepared by a team of first-rate chefs, rich and varied and containing plenty of luxurious and delicious dishes from the best of Jewish cuisine, for Shabbat dining and for all the days of the week.

The Aristocrat Hotel meets the strictest standards of Kashrut according to all methods, and is awarded with the strict Kosher Mehadrin of Badatz Rabbi Landa.

The hotel was established in 2016 by the Pearl family with the aim of creating an international level accommodation for guests from the entire Jewish world who wish to rest and stay in Bnei Brak. The place is specially adapted for seminars, professional conferences and vacations organized for organizations and institutions.

The Aristocrat Hotel places special emphasis on personal, courteous and dedicated service and attention to the smallest details.

The hotel is located in the beating heart of the city of Torah and Hasidism, Bnei Brak, close to the halls of the large Yeshivas and the major Admor courts. Hotel guests enjoy the unique atmosphere that characterizes the largest Haredi city in the world, the uplifting Shabbat experience that is felt in the air, and the joy of the holiday that cannot be missed for a moment, leaving hotel guests with warm memories and pleasant and unforgettable taste.

Fill in your details, and enjoy a vacation at a level you never knew before!

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